Laura Diana Macleod

Laura new pic (768x1024)Laura is a true professional, boasting more than 24 years’ experience across all platforms in our industry.  Exuding fiery and creative energy, expert skill and fearless ambition, this makes her an invaluable asset to any undertaking.


ZEN Film Crew & Production Management – Sole Proprietor 2010 – Present

I initiated ZEN Crew after discovering a lack of NEW talent in the Filming and Television Industry.  My vision was to get new recruits introduced into our Industry that has limitless possibilities for their future whilst continuing pursuing my own career in the International Service Industry.

Film & Television Industry Freelance Producer 1994 – Present

Short synopsis:  Once an Executive is given the “green light” on a project, I am assigned to produce the film.  My main function is to bring it all together, hire the Director (if not already in place), Director of Photography, and all of the other technical crafts-persons who work on the film.  I am responsible for overseeing every mechanical detail of the film: sets, costumes, locations.  I set up the budget, meet the payroll, and in short, do everything necessary for the Director to walk on set and say “Action.”

(LONG FORM) & TVC Production Manager 2000 – 2012

Short synopsis:  As a Production Manager I run productions on behalf of the Producer.  I help to determine the most efficient and economical way to schedule shoots, negotiate business deals for crews, locations and technical equipment, and make day-to-day production decisions to ensure that productions proceed smoothly.

Production Co-ordinator and Accountant 1996 – 2000

Short synopsis:  As a Co-ordinator it is my responsibility to look after all the requirements of the cast and crew; sourcing, booking and arranging payment.  I liaise with all personnel to determine and organise the needs of the cast and crew, sources suppliers and negotiates hire or lease arrangements.  As a whole it is my position to support the Production Manager in every aspect of the film.

Production Secretary 1994 – 1995

Short synopsis:  I provide administration assistance to the Production Co-ordinator and Production Manager.  This is more than a traditional secretarial role, whereby I will mainly be the full administrative support to the production.


  • Planning – Forecasting, setting objectives, prioritising, scheduling, budgeting, determining resources, setting policies and procedures in place.
  • Organising – Establishing the organisational structure, delineating relationships, classifying and dividing the work into manageable units, creating position descriptions, improving systems, efficiency.
  • Staffing – selecting, orienting, training, developing.
  • Directing – Delegating, motivating, co-ordinating, managing differences, managing change.
  • Controlling – Establishing a reporting system, developing performance standards, measuring results, taking corrective action, rewarding performance, managing interruption’s, exercising self-discipline, finishing tasks.
  • Decision Making – Collecting facts, specifying problems, setting goals, generating alternatives, evaluating consequences, selecting a course and implementing.
  • Communication – Transmitting information, listening, questioning, confirming, and managing meetings.