“Wow, well you more than anyone deserve to look back on your time and be immensely proud of what you have achieved over the last few months. Congratulations and well done for pulling all of us through with your inspiring commitment to the show. We simply could not have done it without you. You and Steffan have been OUR rocks!  It has been so much fun working with such talented people and I hope we can all happily call each other good friends now and look forward to next year, when with any luck WE WILL BE BACK!!” Mark Lewis, Executive Producer, RAW

“Her ever friendliness and demeanour gets the job done to perfection and she keeps the morale of those working under her very high, which makes for a positive working environment”

“She is a genuinely good-natured person who intimately cares about those she works with, one wants to work harder just to please her. She has excellent people skills and brings the best out of everyone who works with her! We love Laura at Film Afrika and know she is a great asset on our productions!”

 “You displayed fantastic organizing skill, attention to detail and comprehensive production folders always at hand. You run shoots, with pride, the right judgments, and correct moments for questions on opinion that counts. You have set a good president of what can be done.”

“Laura is very professional and has an excellent working relationship with her employers, industry suppliers and fellow contractual workers. She works well under pressure and has all the skills, experience and qualities necessary to perform and to handle all the fast-paced changes in a deadline driven environment. She can be held accountable for budgetary and production requirements. She has a kind and friendly disposition and I can truly recommend her to any future employer.”

“In the Production Department she proved to be great with people: crew and clients alike, her communication skills are fantastic. She has extremely good organisational skills and finds normal production problems challenging and approaches them with enthusiasm and success. It was an absolute pleasure. You are fabulous to work with. You genius!!!!”

“Thanks Laura. Thanks also for your support and a job truly well done; I have the greatest respect for what you managed to achieve on what was an extremely arduous project; you rock!”

“Thank you for everything Lau. You are an amazing person from whom I’ve learnt so much in a short space of time. I’ve seen how your smile gives people hope amidst seemingly hopeless situations. I love the way your motherly instinct kicks in every now and then. Your care and genuine concern for the crew is absolutely astounding. I thank the Lord for having afforded me the opportunity to meet someone like you.”

“Hi Laura. You are a legend. You did an amazing job. You can tell them (at Ginkgo) I said that. Until next time” – Fisani Nyandeni, Content Director, iProspect

“Hi Laura. Congratulations and well done . What a great achievement. We are proud to have you as a crew member of Nautilus Film Crew. Have a super day. Warm Regards Chantel”

“Hi Laura. We have loved working with you and should the job be confirmed we would like to continue working with you on this one. Hoping to have some   feedback from the agency by end of this week. Thanks for all your hard work, Kamila”

“Just a big thanks from my side for looking after me on the shoot and making everything run so seamlessly”